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My Questions about Adobe Changes on FlashPlayer and Roadmaps

Learning from the mistakes Adobe?

I'm on Flash related business since 1996, when I downloaded a software called FutureSplash from a company called FutureWare and found a definitive solution for what I used to develop using Java Applets. Since that that, I just became so dedicated to the platform (and ColdFusion as well), that it even leaded myself to be part of the brazilian Macromedia team as a consultant and evangelist until 2003. After that, I kept my own business as an independent consultant.

Now, a lot of years after, I find myself very disappointed (as I believe a lot of people is as well) with the decisions made by Adobe recently.
Flash was always for me the only technology able to deliver what other technologies, like HTML specifically couldn't, that is ubiquity between platforms. I mean: That ubiquity was always the key feature on to adopt Actionscript/MXML and for everyone this was understood. Even Apple agreed, and it was clear when they took a step back and allowed cross-compiling on its 4.1 developer agreement regarding this issue.

The problem to the market was ALWAYS on Flash Player itself. Adobe seems to be not able to find a way to have FlashPlayer working as it would be for the market to accept it. Now Adobe just throw the towel leaving an entire community developers who sustained the platform growing, with the following message (in other soft words, of course):

Hey, there's no problem, FlashPlayer will still be there for desktop browsers and AIR will still be capable to allow you to cross-compile your AS3/MXML code for you to deliver proper HTML5/CSS/JS instead of SWF (in the future). And better, Flex SDK will be opened via Apache Foundation, as well as interested third party companies will also get the FlashPlayer sources and keep their on versions (Just like RIM announced it will do right now). 


  1. Do you Adobe really believe the market will still keep developing anything to run on FlashPlayer after that? As what justified and was keeping people thrusting on SWF was the ability to have this content viewable on any kind of devices - you mentioned that for years! Killing it, don't you just started the process to make FlashPlayer useless anywhere it is today?
  2. As it's only justifiable to have a cross-compiling when you can output multiple different formats from a single source (what maintained the so called and believed "develop onde, run everywhere" that we was requested to spread the word about), do you really believe someone will rely on AS3/MXML to output HTML5/CSS3/JS when we can do it directly using a lot of already mature softwares to do so available on the market, that in addiction allow us to cross-compile it to native executables for multiple platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc)? 
  3. Don't you think the better decision was only to open source FlashPlayer and let the so called "public development efforts, together with Adobe Team resources made available now", to be able to take FlashPlayer to the level it would be on the multiple platforms including banned Linux and Mobile browser versions?
  4. Don't you know you lost a lot of thrust from people who most defended and worked together for and with you, even privately and at no charge (just for we can call "love", at most), waiting nothing from you then keep the things going on and NEVER even imagining you could someday do such a terrible move?
  5. Why didn't you focused all of that effort you are spending now to, together with the community, keep FlashPlayer as ubiquitous as it ever was, and on the move announce efforts to ADD the proper and necessary capabilities to your development tools and technologies to integrate them more and more with the HTML5 transition to come, in the format of a).new features on softwares like Dreamweaver, Catalyst, Edge, etc. b). Additional cross-compiling capability to the Flex SDK to output HTML5/CSS3/JS, as announced Falcon is intended to do? This would AVOIDED all that NEGATIVE BUZZ on the Community we are having to support together (remeber that most of us have business running on top of what we defended and spread from Adobe decisions, just to help Adobe to be stronger, even when it seems to have no value anymore) because of your tremendous and erroneous way to announce things and decisions. 
  6. Don't you think you need better marketing and press office to support you on such kind of announcements?"

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